UISP APS - Sport for All Association

UISP APS - Sport for All Association is a national sports promotion body operating in Italy since 1948 with the aim of encouraging and guaranteeing the right to physical activity for citizens of all ages, beyond any barrier of class, sex, origin, physical condition, also promoting the values of solidarity and environmental protection, social inclusion, health protection and the enhancement of artistic and cultural heritage. Over the years, UISP has brought sport and associationism in every place of Italy, becoming an organization that counts, according to the 2018 data, 1.300.000 members and 17.500 affiliated sports clubs. UISP is present in all regions, provinces and in many cities with 142 local branches, and 20 activity structures. UISP promotes the values of human dignity, non-violence, solidarity among people and it cooperates with all the ones who share these principles. Recognizing sport as a right of citizenship, as a resource for integration, UISP engages itself in the promotion and diffusion – in sport as well as in social life through sport – of a culture of rights, respect, environmental sustainability and solidarity. UISP promotes the educational value of sport in both individual and social growth. Through its initiatives, UISP endorses the various faces of "sport for all", from the competitive ones (with particular attention to the amateur and recreational sport) to the choreographic-spectacular ones, from instrumental sport (sport for the health and well-being) to the expressive sport (individual or collective informal and non-structural practices), always enhancing the "social value" of sport.

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European Forum for Urban Security - Efus (France)

The European Forum for Urban Security is the only European network dedicated to fostering discussion, cooperation and support among local and regional authorities in the field of crime prevention and urban security. Founded in 1987, it brings together nearly 250 cities and regions from 15 countries. Our objectives are:

  • To promote a balanced vision of urban security, combining prevention, sanctions and social cohesion,
  • To support local and regional authorities in the design, implementation and evaluation of their local security policies,
  • To reinforce the role of local elected officials within national and European governance

Efus provides support and inspiration for locally elected officials and their teams who are convinced of the necessity of working together, beyond political differences, for the benefit of long-term security. In accordance with the principle of ‘cities helping cities’, Efus fosters the exchange of experience between authorities.

We work on all major issues relating to urban safety and security.

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Fundacio Red Deporte y Cooperacion - RDC (Spain)




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Vienna Institute forInternational Dialogue and Cooperation – VIDC (Austria)

The Vienna Institute for International Dialogue and Cooperation (VIDC) is a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) registered as a fund with the City of Vienna. VIDC has a consultative status with ECOSOC of the United Nations.

VIDC has a long tradition in the field of development cooperation and education in Austria and was founded in 1962 by Bruno Kreisky. VIDC acts on the assumption of a fair global world order and accordingly supports social processes of transformation, which initiate this social change.

The VIDC is divided into 3 departments. 1) “global dialogue” which focuses on international politics and development, 2) “moving cultures” which engages in intercultural exchange with the Global-South and 3) “fairplay initiative”, working for diversity and against discrimination in sport.

The fairplay department will be the one actively involved in the SENTRY projected and was kicked-off with EU funding in the European Year Against Racism 1997. Since then, the scope of intervention and activities were continuously broadened into 3 main areas of action: anti-discrimination, sport and inclusion, sport for development and human rights.

Fairplay has coordinated the pan-European Football against Racism in Europe (FARE) network from 2001-2010 with the support of UEFA. FARE was established in 1999 in Vienna by the VIDC department fairplay. Since 1997 fairplay has carried out regular sport events and competitions including the annual fairplay youth tournament “Vienna meets Balkan” and since 2017 the annual “Girls Football Festival” in Vienna. Since 2016 the fairplay initiative coordinates the “Football Zajedno” project in cooperation with the Football Associations of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia.

As an active member of the Austrian Working Group on sport and integration of the ministry of sport, fairplay works closely with sport governing bodies, including the Austrian Sport Organization (BSO). VIDC-fairplay is also coordinating the working group sport and human rights and is a member of the working group on sexualized violence in sport.

One main focus of fairplay is on the inclusion of migrants and refugees into sports. In 2011 fairplay brought together a group of experienced NGOs and sport organisations from 7 countries to run the Sport Inclusion Network (SPIN) project funded by the EU. The aim was to encourage the inclusion and involvement of migrants, (ethnic) minorities and asylum seekers through and in mainstream sport.

After the end of the project the partners continued to work together. With the launch of the Erasmus+ sport programme a series of innovative projects had been developed and implemented: "European Sport Inclusion Network”, “Sport Welcomes Refugees” (2017-2018), "SPIN Women" (2019-2021) and “SPIN Refugees” (2020-2023).

Operations at VIDC are overlooked by board with 5 members. Currently it has 25 paid staff, 6 employees work for the fairplay department. The fairplay department at VIDC is mainly funded by the Austrian Ministry for Sports, the Austrian Development Agency, the European Commission (EACEA) and the City of Vienna.

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Koinoniki Synetairistiki Epicheirissyllogikis Kai Koinonikis Ofeleiasen-Drasei – KONSEP en DRASEI (Greece)

P2 KOINSEP en drasei as an organization operates within the framework of "Social Economy".

Social Economy is defined as all economic, business, productive and social activities undertaken by corporations or associations of persons whose purpose is to seek collective benefits and serve general social interests. As a new organization of the Social Economy, KOINSEP "AC ACTIVITIES" mainly has a Social purpose and also deals with the challenge and emergence - through all kinds of events and initiatives, either alone or in cooperation with educational institutions and bodies, competent authorities, NAP. ID, meaningful individuals - the importance of public health issues, proper nutrition, sport, environmental protection, culture for everyone's quality of life, with emphasis on children, parents, the elderly.

At the same time, it organizes and organizes all kind of educational events, by developing pilot projects and by designing methodologies for the promotion and dissemination of sports, ecotourism and health tourism through all kinds of events and initiatives. For example, by exploiting and exploiting camping sites for the education of children in sports, proper nutrition and health education, or organizing sporting events for all ages for day-to-day physical activity.

Another important part of the actions is the implementation of information programs and events to raise awareness and educate the public about their correct consumption behavior on the basis of health and nutrition criteria and the promotion of Greek nutritional culture and the benefits of Greek products in health promotion. In cooperation with educational, scientific and employers' organizations, it promotes the organization and development of cooperation networks providing health, sports and tourism services to promote proper nutrition, sport and physical activity and promotion of Greek local products of high nutritional value through all kinds of informative and educational events and programs.

It is worth mentioning the dissemination of programs to combat childhood obesity through the organization of events and cooperation of each relevant competent and relevant body and qualified scientists and through the production and distribution of relevant material in paper and electronic form.

In addition, it promotes the production and distribution to the public of educational and informative material in printed and electronic form for its updating and education on the previous issues as well as for the information and training of all the scientific potential of the Local Societies. An important part is also taking actions in the field of cultural entrepreneurship, such as the organization of festivals, exhibitions, conferences, conferences and actions and actions that contribute to the training and development of human resources. To achieve this aim, cooperation is sought to implement interregional and inter-municipal.

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International Sport and Culture Association, ISCA

International Sport and Culture Association (ISCA) is a global platform open to organisations working within the field of sport for all, recreational sport and physical activity. Created in 1995, ISCA cooperates with its 260 member organisations from 89 countries, international NGOs, and public and private sector stakeholders. Collectively, its members have up to 40 million individual members representing a diverse group of people active in grassroots sport and physical activity promotion.

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