SENTRY SPORT: Surfacing, preventing and mediating discriminations through sport

What is SENTRY Sport?

SENTRY Sport project aims to develop a common methodology for the surfacing, prevention and mitigation of the discriminatory phenomenon in the places of sport and beyond, based on the role grassroots sport can play in tackling discriminations and support victims.

Sports places are frequented by many potential victims of discrimination (based on origins, religion, colour of the skin, etc.) and many discriminatory acts take place right in the sports world.

As the discriminatory phenomenon is "under-reported", many victims do not receive support, and no mediation actions are undertaken. Sport operators and other professionals of the sports sector can play an important role (as "Sentries" of discriminations) in the surfacing of the phenomenon, giving support to victims, orienting them and shaping conflict mediation actions.

SENTRY Sport Project Objectives:

  • Provide useful IT tools for networking, sharing of materials and good practices
  • Establish and run a broad thematic network of actors interested or potentially interested in applying or promoting the methodology
  • Build capacities and develop tools to support victims of discrimination in the sport venues
  • Test, adapt and validate a transferable methodology via Pilot Events in different European towns
  • Disseminate project results and advocate the issue to policy makers

SENTRY Sport Project Actions:

  • Creation of a web platform for sharing good practices and materials and to provide e-learning
  • Creation of a Network of key actors
  • Creation of a Toolkit for the sharing of good practices and the acquisition of the knowledge basis
  • Creation of a Capacity Building Programme
  • Organizanisation of series of Pilot Events to test, refine and adapt the starting methodology to make it transferable in every context
  • Realization of an handbook to implement the methodology
  • Creation of a set of policy recommendations to the institutional level to endorse the methodology

SENTRY Sport Project Results:

Design, diffusion and endorsement of the "SENTRY Sport" systemic approach to tackle and prevent discriminations and to support victims by developing a system of territorial "Sentries" rooted it in the places of sport.


The SENTRY Sport project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This website reflects the views only of the author (UISP), and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.